Wedding Headpieces

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Headpieces are able to change your garment and turn a woman into a real princess or a lady. The earliest ornaments relate to several thousand years B.C. by archaeologists, who found various bone combs during excavations. Most vivid examples of the first headpieces for wedding come from Ancient Egypt, one can just recall incredible wigs of pharaohs with striped nemea scarves and Uraeus snakes over the forehead. An impressive look!

Wedding pearl headpieces and tiaras are considered as the most expensive wedding accessories. Bridal diadems, pins or studs made of precious metals and stones — what a charm! Such kind of things were only available to the few, but now the pieces of jewelry needn’t be precious, it’s not obligatory to buy wedding hair headpieces for thousands of dollars because beauty and design, the way a thing matches an image are much more important.

To purchase something special and unique, pay attention to handmade items. Our online shop of headpieces will delight you with a large selection of pearl combs, wedding flower headpieces decorated with feathers, gems and embroidery, enamel and incrustation. These wonderful products are nice gifts for brides and admirers of fine jewelry!