Money Boxes

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Money boxes are known to mankind since the dawn of time. According to different versions, their homeland may be China, Germany, Malaysia. Now small and big money boxes are not always used as containers for saving up money or as coin disposals. They serve as cute and sometimes very original souvenirs, too. Especially multiple unusual handmade money boxes that are widely presented on the online shop of Livemaster. Scrolling through the catalogue of goods, you will find a variety of options: original ceramic money boxes or those made out of felt, textile or yarn, beautiful cash boxes decorated with decoupage and oil or acrylic paintings, tiny safes for coins. Luxurious unique money boxes may be used to present a cash gift for a wedding or anniversary.

It’s worth buying money boxes created especially for children to play with. They’re sweet and beautiful, executed in the shape of a wooden house or a superhero piglet — any kid will be glad to get involved in a new game. At the same time, such gift can contribute to the development of thrift — an important quality. Our craftsmen sell warm things made with love and their professional hands. But sometimes you may have an idea that wants to be implemented. Our customers have a possibility to order a personalized money box. Such individual items may have an inscription or symbolic image on it. Your imagination is unlimited.