Handmade Candles

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Handmade candles bring romantic fire into a regular life and breath in the atmosphere of cosiness. Sellers produce them with their own hands, and this makes decorative candles an even more attractive part of an interior that shares the warmth of the creator’s heart.

Our candles online shop offers a wide range of items. A person can purchase customized candles with signed or moulded name inscriptions, of peculiar shapes or meaningful colours. A personalized candle brings happiness to its owner compared to an ordinary gift. You also can find craftsmen who take orders and are ready to implement your own creative idea. Another type is birthday candles, they are sold in large sets or separately, which depends on the design of a festive cake. All of the options can be made out of natural bee wax, melted with dried herbs or aromatic oils and poured into moulds of different shapes. Remember about carved masterpieces, they are unlike anything else, always unique and one-of-a-kind products due to the manufacturing process.