Combs & Hairbrushes

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Combs and hairbrushes are habitual accessories for hair care. Ordinary hair combs soon bore us, we get accustomed to them and pay no attention to the way they look. But if you purchase one with an amazing and unique decor, your guests going out of the bathroom would say, ‘This carved wooden hairbrush is really like a work of art. Is the handle a mermaid or just a nude girl?’ Such treasures will adorn your dresser or a shelf with cosmetics.

If you really care about your hair, you might know that wooden combs are preferred to plastic counterparts and wet hair like rare teeth. Before going to bed, a massage comb should be applied — it stimulates the flow of blood to hair bulbs and results in a better growth. Handmade combs and hairbrushes are usually made of precious woods: boxwood, Karelian birch, teak, rosewood, cherry. They’re soaked in special oils that long bore their noble flavours. The natural blanks are polished with Carnauba wax and sold in beautiful original cases. Such beauty is found on Livemaster online shop. You can buy combs of any kind: with beaded flowers or polymer clay decor, from bone, wedding silver things with rhinestones and pearls, mini items with a mirror to carry in the handbag. You can agree on a customized order and have a special pattern applied.