Handmade Lariats

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Lariats are amazing pieces of jewelry making any girl or woman a true lady. Their main feature is two ends joined with a loop or a special ring, slider on the chest. Thus, handmade lariats are made from different materials, they may be crocheted from seed beads or be assembled from exquisite precious stones. The success secret of marvelous lariats is their design, elegant and sophisticated: a thin chain joins beads one by one with short intervals which usually constitute transparent crystals, fresh-water, south seas and faux pearls, glass balls, or marvelous little balls from the same metal the chain is made of. The most gorgeous lariats are created from marvelous gems like sapphires, emeralds, agates, diamonds. Our lariats online shop offers a wide range of goods for you to select the best one, the one that suits you most of all. Make up your mind which one to choose: think of the whole look first and then use filters on our Catalogue to find the desired item. Don’t hesitate to buy lariats because you can try your hand at inventing many options how they are tied and worn.