Handmade Cuff Earrings

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Cuff earrings is a relatively new fashion trend, but it was well known to people even four thousand years ago — such old finds were digged out on the British Isles, these pieces of jewelry were made from gold and fixed on ears without piercing. It is supposed that Ancient Greeks or Romans created them, some couples of handmade cuff earrings related to the epoch are now kept by several museums in the world — you might have seen similar items on Angelina Jolie who played a part of the mother of Alexander the Great in the film by the same name. European empresses living two or three centuries years ago loved them, too. Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia, had flower cuff earrings with cherries and wore them at the wedding day.

You can look for something special like silver cuff earrings in our cuff earrings online shop. Sellers make them according to their view and taste, and some take orders if a customer wants to buy cuff earrings based on his project. Decorated with sequins and beads, gems and crystals, corals and feathers, various pendants — they would never leave you and your friends indifferent.