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Bracelets produce different effects and match diverse occasions depending on the design. Bright and massive bracelets for women draw attention and are seen from a distance. Gold and silver thin chains or charm bracelets look less impressive, more moderate and, thus, give you grace and elegance with metal shine. When selecting one, please think of what you want beforehand, otherwise the variety would make your head spin. What should it be — leather or silver, gold or wood? How many decor do you want — a bead bracelet with pearls and sequins, or something minimalistic like a thread with a symbol of the Eternity or piece? And remember about lace, embroidery, shells, nuts, buttons that may match your outfit and accomplish it.

Mens' bracelets haven’t practically changed the material they’re made of since the earliest times of mankind. The aim is to make a person more brutal, and usually it works because looks very appealing to women. The basic design is a genuine leather strip or interwoven strips fixed with a metal clasp from both ends and decorated with wooden elements. Bracelets are worn on wrists separately, some pieces together or with watches.

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