Handmade Barrettes

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Barrettes, also known as hair clips and clasps, have been helping ladies to create multiple hairdresses since the 20th century. Tough, their ancestors are fibulas produced by ancient Romans to hang a cape on shoulders.Barrettes are loved by little girls and their mothers for simple and quick use. Even if you don’t have a mirror at hand, fingertips would still apply them so that they would be well set. The mechanism allows to clip strands of any thickness. But there are still some different options of hair barrettes. Let’s learn them:

  • alligator clips have teeth that let to fix them tighter,
  • French clips have smooth elements and ears that enable to unclip a barrette,
  • bendy clips are very flexible and thin, you just bend them to lock and unlock.

Barrette clips are worn in many ways. Grab some front hair with it over an ear, or clip two front locks on the back of the head. A great piece of advice is to make a ponytail and then clip it to the back under the band. Another idea — to use several beautiful beaded barrettes for making a bun. Made from wood and bone, metal and plastic, decorated with glass cabochons and gems, crystals and pearls — they’re so cute you can’t help wearing one!