Handmade Jewelry

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Jewelry is what people got used to have and wear since the earliest times. Every year, archaeologists find pieсes of ancient body jewelry our ancestors made from wood, stones, pearls, shells, bones, clay and whatever. Thousands of years ago, such handmade jewelry was intended to distinguish between social groups and statuses, this might have been expressed in the size of jewelleries or what they were made of. Two methods of self-decoration are known: painting parts of a body with lines or patterns and hanging unique jewelry above protruding muscles or bones, thus, necklaces were the most popular of all options because the neck is perfect for anything to be seen and properly fixed. Until now, the piece of jewelry is still in great demand, and kids love such boys and girls jewelry like pendants, strings of beads and so on.

Modern designers get inspired with the shapes and materials used then and at further periods, so there are fashion jewelries that amaze us at the thought, ‘Where did they get the idea how to create that?’ No doubt, art jewelry is a mix of modern ideas and historic traditions. For example, plain rings were used to be worn by average Ancient Egyptians and Europeans in the Middle Ages to define the position of a married person — just like nowadays, but for the fact that now one finds myriads of gems, shades of gold and designs. It’s absolutely the same with diamond jewelry — if you’re looking for something special produced from ordinary wood or exquisitely adorned with cabochons, think of personal orders and hand made items satisfying your own vision.