Handmade Soaps

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Soap is told to appear at the time of Cleopatra, and since the fall of the civilization, the production center moved east to Levant region. The main ingredients of handmade soap were olive, water and lye. Other ingredients used in soap making were laurel, alkaline sodium compounds from barilla plant growing on the banks of the River Jordan and lime. The secrets of pure olive oil soap was revealed by the Europeans and brought with them after the first Crusades.

The most commonly known ‘brands’ of the time are marseille and castile soaps. The recipe of marseille product was secured and protected by the King of France, Louise XIV. In the 19th century, shaving soaps had spread widely. A nice form of a table sugar belongs to sugar soap used to get rid of greasy spots on clothes when no other ordinary cleaning material works.

Nowadays the list of components and soap designs have changed dramatically, so that their number is non-quantifiable. Sweet cookie or chocolate-like soap bars, looking like cupcakes or salmon sandwiches, made in the shape of dolls, teddies, cars, fruit, interior things would draw your attention from the first sight. The scents are numerous, too: fresh lemon, sweet vanilla, aromatic melon, charming strawberry, intriguing cherry, expressive mint, intricate bubble-gum, lovely peaches… All these are found on our soap online shop — just scroll through it or use search by keywords to find something precise. Buying soap is a wonderful relaxing pastime and a helpful activity to store up with cute presents for your relatives, friends and home, so we wish you a joyful shopping!