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Shampoo has been invented just in 1903 — it was dry shampoo that took its name after the inventor, Hans Schwarzkopf — but before people used to wash their hair with such simple and ordinary things like herbs ash or vegetable and fruit brews. Instead of special dandruff shampoos, essence of chaparral bushes came in handy. After that, coconut oil was applied to moisturize hair and add them shine. Today, nature shampoos have so many types and ingredients one will always be surprised with new unexpected finds. For example, shampoos for oily hair restore the Ph balance due to extracts of tea tree oil, rosemary, aloe Vera and orange bitter, lemon oil. Their aim is to remove the excess oil without drying all hair and skin completely as this stimulates an opposite result. Hair growth shampoos contain biotin, caffeine that helps to fight against hair loss and niacin.

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