Handmade Cream, Gel & Serum

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Cream, gel and serum are cosmetics that help women, kids and men to maintain skin and hair beauty and bring delicious pleasure when using especially if speaking about home-made natural or eco cosmetics. Amazing appetizing fragrances of cherry, strawberries, chocolate or lime add an unforgettable delight when you just open a bottle of a shower gel. Refreshing mint has been serving a perfect skin soother and wonderful perfume for long decades to men appreciating shaving creams. When your face is calling for care or hands are rough to touch, you’re about to buy creams allowing to moisture skin, freshen it up. Handmade serum has various options and is applied in many ways. Rejuvenating serum minimizes visible signs of aging, relaxes wrinkles, eyebrow growth serum stimulates hair growth.

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