Bath Foam & Milk

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Bath foam and milk have been created for treating oneself to unforgettable minutes in a warm calming tub. Imagine perky bubbles of fragrant bath foam soundly bursting around you or creamy water you’re slugging in. People have been aware of healthy qualities of milk baths for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans loved this way of stress release. Cleopatra is one of the most prominent historical figures beautifying herself with the help of the method, her recipe included such ingredients as milk, honey, salt and different herbs. The baths are still well known for skin softening properties and are popular among women all over the world nowadays. It is proved that the perfect temperature for the procedure is 37.2 — 37.4 C, air pores open themselves and absorb all healthy stimulating particles.

When looking for a handmade bath milk or any other natural cosmetics, pay attention if there are eco components in the product composition. Find many great homemade items in our bath foam and milk online shop — all information about each of them is found on their pages, so you’ll quickly opt for the best variant. If you’d decided to buy bath foam, milk or another relaxing thing, be sure you’re making a right investment into yourself.