Handmade Dance Costumes

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Dance costumes are obligatory if you want to express the message of your dance the best way. Depending on the style you’re into, here are some options of clothes adorning any performance:

  • belly dance costumes reveal the naked body and beautify it with silk drapings and clanging coins,
  • lyrical dance costumes are not that richly decorated but emphasize the smooth lines of a figure and the tenderness of gestures, enable to move freely, create an effect of a flying butterfly or a snowflake,
  • contemporary dance costumes are even less braided, the colour is usually monotonous, men have trousers with or without a T-shirt, women — a baggy skirt or pants combined with a top,
  • flamenco dance costumes are marvelous as the dance, red tight fitting dresses with gorgeous hem folds accomplish strict men’s outfit,
  • jazz dance costumes are really cheerful, with feathers or sequins everywhere, extremely short and looks great at the background of men’s slacks and a shirt.

To find the one you need, remember to take measurements and specify the size with sellers.