Handmade Carnival Costumes

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Carnival costumes are mandatory attributes of different holidays. To begin with, they accompanied bright and spectacular processions celebrated before the Great Fast and had widely spread over catholic countries in the Medieval Europe. The first carnivals, like the Venetian one which is still one of the most famous in the world, appeared in the 9th-10th centuries in Italian cities that gained independency from church or masters. Masks, as parts of the Venice carnival costume, were worn from August till the Fast, and their initial purpose was to hide the origin and let people from various social layers communicate with each other, so the design was quite poor initially.

Nowadays, the idea of such fests has changed, and this is proved by the holiday in Rio de Janeiro which originally was celebrated before the Lent. Brazil carnival costumes serve to reveal rich imagination or practically all body of the participants naked. Actually, amazing colourful outfits may be used for any holiday, and Halloween carnival costumes illustrate it well. Our online shop offers various types and cuts, kid’s and plus size carnival costumes, ready and made to order items. Make up your mind what you’re looking for and start shopping.