Handmade Bolero & Shrug Clothing

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Bolero and shrug clothing are outfits that resemble shortened jackets with rounded edges at the bottom. They may have long or short sleeves, be with or without buttons and collar. Bolero shrugs and their variations originate from Spain where a dance of the same name became popular in the 18th century. In the 19th century, they spread all over France as a tribute to Empress Eugenie who was of Spanish origin, the wife of Napoleon III. At that time, bolero jackets were braided with peplum and fringe. They came back into fashion again in the 1890s, yet shortened and without peplum, and were worn by kids, both girls and boys, like sailor’s jackets and zouaves.

After the World Wars, this item of clothing was put on over dresses to create an effect of a suit. This idea was revived by Cristobal Balenciaga, a genius Spanish designer, Christian Dior and other Parisian couturiers. Nowadays, a great variety of materials and cuts exist: cotton, wool, silk, viscose or lace boleros bedeck an image, cover shoulders at fresh nights, create stylish business looks.

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