Handmade Blouses

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Blouses are women’s clothes worn with trousers and skirts. Depending on the cut, members of the female gender like wearing them on business meetings, in the evening, to the theatre or a nightclub, some cozy items — on a beach over a swimming suit. The most popular model is a white blouse, the classical colour enables to wear it practically in any situation, but it is necessary to keep in mind that the fabric it is made of should better be natural. Cotton is great in the summer, when it’s hot and skin needs breathing. Silk blouses are much more elegant, they tempt touching their chilling smooth surface and would adorn you at whichever important occasion. Lace blouses look extremely attractive with jeans and jackets made of denim, leather or suede.

So, there are numerous ways what women's blouses to combine with. Generally speaking, when you’re puzzled with what to put on, head for the wardrobe to select your favourite slim, relaxed fit or plus size blouse and make it the turning fork of your outfit.