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Blazers and jackets can always be found in fashion magazines, and this is due to their multipurpose design. Classical mens' blazers appeared in the 19th century, they emphasised kindly bearing that had always been attractive and draw special attention. But actually, the prototypes, ancient ancestors of leathers jackets, are known to humanity since the Stone age when the earliest items were sewn of leather to protect the body from severe winds and draughts.

They had been evolving throughout the centuries, were made from suede, velour, velvet, denim, tweed and other different materials, and nowadays the clothing has gained some extra options. First of all, it may be a trendy accessory serving a good complementation to a whole look — like women's blazers. Also, it shows the elegance of a body line, its silhouette, or may be a great garment for office or a business lunch. Such things like bomber jackets and jean jacket define your style, make it more specific, sporty, enables to move freely.