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Backpacks are no more associated with school or hiking, we understand — these wonderful bags are truly comfortable, stylish. A women's backpack may become a cool alternative to a handbag, especially now when you can choose a handmade backpack for any occasion: elegant and provocative, furry, beaded or with tapestry suiting an evening dress of a simple cut. Let alone the selection of casual and travel backpacks!

You will find a variety of articles in our backpacks online shop — felted and crocheted, embellished with appliques or hand painted, with reproductions of paintings, sculptures and drawings by famous artists, leather backpacks, stitched from solid vintage linen of a men's shirt, fantastic in the form of a dragon or spider. Have a look at these beautiful original works created in the ethnic, rustic, steampunk styles! Most of them are made in a single copy, so their sellers can bet that when you buy a backpack, you acquire a unique thing. Consider a waterproof backpack as a gift for a son or daughter — kids would be happy to have a customized thing with multiple compartments, and you’ll be sure it’s safe enough to keep their treasures and school exercise books dry inside.

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