Handmade Umbrellas

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Umbrellas are used actively nowadays, and their prototypes are found thousand centuries ago in Ancient Egypt and China — it is still not clear which was the motherland. In both countries, an umbrella was thought to be a symbol of power, only emperors and their favourites could use it; curiously, the item was 1.5 meter high and weighed 2 kilograms, in other words, resembled modern golfing umbrellas. Then it moved on to Ancient Greece and Rome where was popular among women to protect the face and shoulders from sun rays.

The first European country where umbrellas reappeared since then was France — ladies hid themselves from ultraviolet, too; it was only like that until 1750 when Jonas Hanway repurposed the item to keep anyone dry in the rain. Another genious man let us see what is going on around when it’s raining and created bubble umbrellas that cover the face and chest absolutely and let you see where you go. Plastic industry provided mankind with appropriate materials to produce these clear umbrellas but there are numerous options of patterns and images for them like falling sakura flowers or maple leaves looking great, too. Modern designers create funny kid umbrellas with Totoro face, apply bright colours, shapes of animal muzzles and so on.

We can’t imagine our life without this necessary accessory. From year to year, models become more comfortable and there are more opportunities to choose a unique umbrella made specially for you. Our shop of handmade umbrellas offers hand painted and crocheted items, decorative and utilitarian, protecting from sun and rain, able to adorn any photo shoot or wedding, for a whole family and all ages.