Ties & Bow Ties

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Ties are extremely elegant items of clothes usually worn with a suit, they are worn around the neck and have been used since ancient times. Chinese soldiers wore scarfs what is seen on the statues of the Terracotta Army — the same tradition was popular among armies of other countries throughout the history of mankind and provided fashion with a plenty of alike civilian accessories. For example, an ancestral form of a bow tie was used by Croatian soldiers in the 17th century and gained popularity in France and then all over Europe in the 18th-19th centuries.

Another way how ties came into fashion was a tradition of presenting embroidered silk kerchiefs. Girls gave them to sweethearts as a sign of sympathies and the beloved bound them up around the neck; thus the first neckerchiefs appeared in the 17th century. That was the starting point of the evolution of ties.

This item has a number of variations. For example, patriot ties do not draw much attention if the pattern is tiny and look impressive when a flag of a country is used in a big format. Bolo ties are strands or wires that are passed under a collar and fixed with a special brooch. As for bow ties, they are made nowadays of a great number of materials including wood, resin or whatever. A man wearing a classical type of this item with a suit produces an effect of an erudite, courteous and creative person. So many men, so many ties.