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Wraps are things that you can wear to cover yourself with it, turn around a part of a body. It is something consisting of curves and folds, too. Clothes is usually called a wrap when it is oversize and fully hides the body. Speaking of jewelry, it may be soutache, items made of bent wires or many threads. And the most widely spread variety of this term is shawls wrapped around the head or another part of a body.

Let’s remember some most famous wrap types. Sari is a traditional Indian women’s clothes of about 4.5 to 8 metres in length wrapped around the waist and thrown over one shoulder. It is known since ancient times, at least 2800 century BC when the Indus Valley Civilisation was flourishing. Saris remind of early belted plaids that draped one shoulder and are known now as a pleated men’s and women’s garment in Scotland looking like a skirt; there are numerous ways how to pin it on its place. Another type of a wrap is pareo that practically every woman has heard of nowadays: one has ever seen it on a beach worn over a swimming suit. Thus, the history of wraps is rooted in ancient times and provides many variations of the clothing in modern fashion.