Handmade Scarves

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Scarves are strips of material made to cover a part of body and save it from sun or cold. They are known since ancient times. For example, the soldiers of the Terracotta Army of Quin Shi Huang, who was the first Emperor of China, wore scarves wrapped around the neck. Perhaps, the item of clothing was made of warm wool like pashmina scarves produced in the north of China by now. It is richly decorated with paisley and other ornaments. Another kind of the warm accessories made by weaving is a blanket scarf, which is really warm due to wool it is usually made of and its large size that distinguishes it among other representatives of the type.

One more sort of the item is a crochet scarf. Its specific feature is a fluffy and airy texture that keeps warms despite the fact that the material is loopy. Varieties are multiple, oblong, square, crochet shawls, infinity scarves — so many too choose!