Handmade Handkerchiefs

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Handkerchiefs are small clothes usually patterned or braided. Most common fabric for them is cotton and silk — the last was introduced and processed in China 7000 years ago. According to a legend, the first silkworms were cultivated and cloth weaved by a wife of the Yellow Emperor, who is considered to be the founder of the Chinese Kingdom.

This costly fabric had been shipped to Europe originally to Renaissance Italy. Since then monogrammed handkerchiefs were gaining popularity and only wealthy people could afford to attach one to a belt chain. Flowery or ornate pattern revealed calligraphic letters which turned an item into a personalized handkerchief.

Later, richly decorated embroidered handkerchiefs with precious stones were presented when making a marriage proposal, that is, used as nowadays rings. Thus, a wedding handkerchief might have been born.

These handmade accessories have always been relevant. At least, we know paper tissues and men handkerchiefs for jacket pockets and a huge selection of hand painted or bedecked, with eco prints and lace are found in our online shop.