Handmade Belts

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Belts are straps of dense fabric, leather or any other material with a fastener at one end and holes at the other. They are used for practical purposes to keep trousers on waist or to adorn its owner.

The first items are known from the Bronze Age. In the western world, they were mostly used by men which meant strength and persistence, women wore them as a symbol of decency. Its absence was assessed as something disrespectful.

Women’s dress belts gained incredible popularity at the beginning of the 20th century, they turned into expensive jewellery accessories with gemstones. They had features characteristic of Art Nouveau: curved lines of plants and geometrical ornaments. Many unique women’s belts and, mostly, buckles of the epoch are exquisite collectibles now.

If speaking about fashion belt for men, it has a longer history and was used not only by soldiers in campaigns to support a saber but also to emphasize a waist — the practise was profoundly popular during the Crimean Wars. The way it is worn now appeared in 1920-s. Since then numerous designers changed it into an amazing adornment. Nowadays, replica men’s belts and women’s items are highly trendy. E.g., an ethereal Armenian wedding decoration of precious materials brought the accessory to extreme acclaim all over the world. Find marvellous author’s goods in our online shop and get the precious you want!