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From Russia With Love

Livemaster is a marketplace for people sharing
passion for handmade & design

For 11 years we help people to realize themselves
through creativity

Gain an insight into Russian soul aesthetics and culture.
Livemaster is a home for more than 2 500 000 unique items created
by talented Russian artisans. This is a modern view of centuries-old
traditions, mix of upgraded ethnic themes and authentic artefacts from
vast territories of Russia, mysterious Siberia, each corner of the huge
country with a long history and inspiring heritage.

8 000 000

buyers from all over the world

1 300 000

on social networks

800 000

users of iOS and Android
mobile apps

Livemaster is a prestigious award triple winner in the field
of Russian Internet technologies in 2012, 2013, 2015. Founded
in 2006, the first and main marketplace for selling and buying
handmade goods and designer items in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus,
Kazakhstan and the CIS.


Authentic & Rare Things


Wonderful site, great idea. It’s not just a platform for sales and purchases, it’s a whole world with much for soul in it. The things sold here are warm and living, with their own meaning which is precious in the time of industrial overproduction. Thank you all, creators and editors.



Do you know why we need Livemaster? Our country is huge, and we all are so different! But there is a thing that unites us — creating. I mean, everyone has relatives and friends who say, whatever you make, «Ohhh, woww! It’s great!» It may be admiration, cheering or avoiding offence. And Livemaster is a place where complete strangers may say «Ohhh, woww! It’s great!», and this inspires you to believe in yourself! Thanks!

Kerami-X Workshop


Great resource, many different sellers on one place. It’s interesting to create in different spheres, gain new knowledge and skills. Wish you success and greater prosperity.

Galina SP (Karelia-shop)


Livemaster is a unique project that keeps a great number of creative people together. More than that, it is an effective advertising space for me as a seller. Actually, the project structure is very convenient — you feel right at home, everything has its place here. And I cannot but tell about the responsiveness and speed of Livemaster answers to users’ requests.



Livemaster is a strong platform, every beginning seller can try his hand here. It’s great that you are developing!

Woolen Paintings by Marina Askerova


Livemaster gives you a chance to realize your creativity and get a reward for your work! I’ve got acquainted with amazing people here, buyers and sellers from all over the world. Thank you for this opportunity!



Livemaster makers, thank you very much. This is a real dynamic lively project that works. Livemaster opens up new horizons for developing and handmade promotion, lets you broaden your circle of sellers and learn much helpful in tutorials. I wish all Livemaster admins prosperity, inspiration and good luck.

Ella Pakhomova


I discovered Livemaster three years ago. Thanks to this portal I’m not only drawing inspiration but also studying looking at other sellers’ items. Now I have my own shop. Hope, I’ll find my buyers. Thank you, Livemaster!

ITZA (Irina-iza)


Livemaster is a vast audience, first of all. There is much curious and informative.Thank you for the opportunity to realize my plans, broaden my mind and communicate with so much creative people. Wish all us prosperity and much thanks to L I V E M A S T E R !!!