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From Russia With Love

Livemaster is a marketplace for people sharing
passion for handmade & design

For 14 years we help people to realize themselves
through creativity

Gain an insight into Russian soul aesthetics and culture.
Livemaster is a home for more than 2 500 000 unique items created
by talented Russian artisans. This is a modern view of centuries-old
traditions, mix of upgraded ethnic themes and authentic artefacts from
vast territories of Russia, mysterious Siberia, each corner of the huge
country with a long history and inspiring heritage.

8 000 000

buyers from all over the world

1 600 000

on social networks

1 500 000

users of iOS and Android
mobile apps

Livemaster is a prestigious award triple winner of Russian
Internet technologies in 2012, 2013, 2015. Livemaster is the
finalist of the Ecomspace Russian Post Awards 2019 in the
"Best Social Network and Sales Classified 2019" category.
It was founded in 2006, the first and main platform for
selling and buying handmade goods and designer items
in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and the CIS


валенки Vladimirova Oksana


THANK you for creation of such a platform as "LIVEMASTER". It is very convenient and clear to both me and the buyers. It is so great there is the Support Team and lots of functions, collections and competitions. Thanks to all of you! I hope the platform will grow only better with time!

Lena Li (-leli)


Livemaster is not only a wonderful place for all buyers who want to find interesting and original gifts for any occasion and of course for yourself, but also a storehouse of useful information and an easy-to-use interface for the sellers! I thank the Livemaster staff for the work and care ;)

Irina SewArt


Livemaster is a great place to find unique items for yourself and your loved ones, you just cannot find such items in a regular store. Here you can express yourself and show your creations to a vast circle of people who love exclusive things. You can find wonderful people who are just nice to talk to and share news with. In general, Livemaster is absolutely my place, thanks to the site developers!

EF Avtorskie Ukrasheniya


Livemaster is a wonderful world of beautiful and unique products, a cozy home for creative people and lovers of talent! Here you can relax, have a nice chat, choose special gifts for loved ones or treat yourself)) Thank you for being there!



Livemaster is not only a place where creative ideas are implemented, where you can find a product for the soul, a meeting place of loved ones. This is a New way of life! Thank you for such a great idea!

Katorina Rukodelnica HandMadeButik


An excellent resource! Thanks to Livemaster Team for giving so many opportunities for development and implementation in craft! Because of you sellers find their target buyers, and buyers find what they’ve been dreaming of for a long time! And all this in one place! Also you can find here like-minded friends. Special thanks for this!

Milye veschitsy


A distinctive feature of this website is creativity and kindness. It is a shop, workshop and a social network at the same time. Buy if you wish. Learn if you wish. Or just communicate. I’ve done so many things thanks to the craftsmen who share their secrets!.. Thank you very much!

Decor concrete Azov Garden


A wonderful website with a user-friendly interface that is being improved and creatively updated non-stop. It’s very interesting to deal with this portal. And more importantly, it really works! Sales are regular and stable!



Livemaster is a very convenient and interesting resource! We are very grateful for the opportunity to show our work, find new friends and customers. We started to use this resource in its very birth. At that time we were engaged in selling souvenirs and jewelry made from polymer clay, and eventually reversing, we managed to grow to a full-fledged jewelry workshop. We wish Livemaster even greater growth and popularity among new artists and buyers!

The final touch


Our favorite Livemaster is a kind of a good and beautiful magic that makes the world a better place! Thank you for the opportunity to open my favorite store. But an even greater gratitude goes to revelations and intersections with wonderfully bright and interesting people, talented and creative artists! I appreciate every meeting and shore of every emotion. Good luck and new interesting things to all!

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